Consent of the Courts or Consent of the Governed?

Being governor is about more than fixing the mess at 23rd and Lincoln. It is about leadership and protecting the rights of the people from usurpation by the insatiable appetite of government. Government can be a force for good, but it can also be a force for great evil and I’m the only candidate who seems to understand or be willing to say this.

Running the state government, rooting out mismanagement and fraud, though a challenge, will not be the biggest challenge of serving as governor. Remember, I served in the legislature so I am familiar with the inner-workings of our state government. No, the real challenge will be protecting the rights of the people from governmental overreach and abuse.  

Unfortunately, most have been deceived into believing that the people are the servants rather than the sovereigns of the government.  But according to what Thomas Jefferson wrote in our Declaration of Independence, government is not over the people but actually receives its power from the people and serves at the “consent of the governed.”

Some of my opponents are even going as far as to claim that the Bible requires unlimited submission to government. By misinterpreting passages like Romans 13, they miss the point altogether.  They seem not to understand that in Rom 13, the Apostle Paul was promoting the general principle of submission to proper government – one that “punishes those who do evil and rewards those who do good.”  But surely these individuals would not insist that Christians, especially living in a representative republic, must submit to an improper government that punishes the good and rewards the evil.

Were the Hebrew midwives sinning when they defied Pharaoh and saved the Jewish baby boys – including Moses?  Were Daniel and his three friends, Queen Esther, and the Magi sinning for defying their governments?  Did Jesus sin when He defied Jewish Law by healing on the Sabbath?  Were the apostles sinning when they refused to obey the government and kept on preaching the Gospel?  Of course not!  

Additionally, does anyone believe that those who defied our federal government in the 1850s-60s to help slaves escape to freedom were sinning or practicing insurrection?  Were Oskar Schindler and the family of Corrie ten Boom sinning or leading an insurrection when they defied their government and helped Jews escape the Nazi death camps? Certainly not! Was Martin Luther King Jr. sinning when he led a movement to establish civil rights for African American? No! 

In a representative republic, the PEOPLE, not the government and the courts, are the final governing authorities.  At Gettysburg, Abraham Lincoln got it right when he said our government is “of, by, and for the people.”  The PEOPLE do not serve at the consent of Washington D.C. or the U.S. Supreme Court – it’s the exact opposite.  Hint:  I wouldn’t vote for anyone who hasn’t figured this out. 

Some claim that the states simply are not sovereign and that Washington holds all of the power.  If this is what we actually believe today, then we truly have fallen far from our founding principles.  Some cry that we’ll bankrupt our state by defending ourselves in the courts.  Do they truly believe that a free people must grovel at the feet of the U.S. Supreme Court waiting for their permission to enjoy “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”?  Is there nothing left that we will stand up and fight for, regardless of the cost? 

The other candidates for governor are afraid of my ideas. That’s because they’ve bought into the lie that we’re no longer a free people.  So, they’re out there promising to tweak or better manage the mess at 23rd and Lincoln.  I’m not.  I’m running on big ideas and taking major action.

Big problems require big ideas. We can think big, and together, we can act big. Join me March 2nd-3rd at our “A Time for Justice” rally in OKC and see how I intend to restore true representative government to Oklahoma. 

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